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If the rental agreement is not registered, then tenants and landlords must play well, then they have the right to file a cease-and-deseg order. The tenancy agreement is an important legal document that creates a relationship between the landlord and the tenant. The lease is a condition under the Punjab Rented Premises Act 2009 or the Islamabad Rent Restriction Act 2014. Renting a property to generate recurring income or income is, hands-down, one of the safest investment options. However, renting a commercial property in Pakistan is a slightly different ball game from renting residential units to tenants. Because of the difference between the two leases, there are specific concepts to understand and ways to reduce risk. That`s why we`ve put together all the important things and designed this handy guide to help you understand the importance of this process and navigate it smoothly. We have already shared a step-by-step guide to renting a home to generate additional income. However, this blog is specifically focused on worried homeowners who have a lot of questions about how they can use their commercial land for rental income. Well, don`t worry, because from finding the right person to trust your property to the question of the most important questions of potential tenants, we have you covered! Here`s all the information homeowners need before renting commercial properties in Pakistan: Q: What is the lease? A: The tenancy agreement is a written agreement between the landlord and the tenant, whereby the landlord rents his premises to a tenant. Q: What is subletting? Can a tenant rent apartments without the landlord`s consent? A: Subletting is an act by which the tenant transfers the rented premises to another person. Tenants cannot sublet rented premises without the landlord`s consent.

This lease is of______ at Rawalpindi on this day. In addition to a monthly income and the use of your property by others for commercial purposes, the rental is a piece of luggage on the shoulders of an owner. Their responsibility to their tenants and the government is reinforced by provincial law to prevent abuse and exploitation. These rules are generally applied to create a higher safety net around the property used by other residents or tenants. Q: If the Punjab Rented Premises Act, 2009 also applies to commercial premises? A: The Rental Housing Act governs the rental of commercial and residential property. One of the biggest mistakes made by homeowners in renting their property for commercial purposes in Pakistan is that cases are not settled in court and agreements are not registered with the local town hall. Under Pakistan`s Rent Control Act, the government does not have a commercial lease and lease agreement that is not legally carried out. As soon as you have found a trusted tenant and the deed has been drafted, be sure to register the commercial lease with the relevant authority by paying stamp duty and registration fees.